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Founder & Philosophy

Suzanne Lenhard RN, BSN

Registered Nurse & Founder of CALM

Hello and welcome to CALM! I’m Suzanne Lenhard, a Registered Nurse and the founder of CALM Care Navigation and Private Nursing Services. At CALM, which stands for Compassionate Advocacy that is Local and Mobile, we blend professional expertise with a personal touch, inspired by both my professional journey and a deeply personal chapter in my own family’s healthcare story. 

The concept of CALM was born while helping my mother navigate our very disjointed healthcare system. Due to an incorrect diagnosis, wrong medications, and a severe lack of continuity of care, she developed a life-threatening illness from the side effects of the wrong medication. This was followed by a missed lung cancer diagnosis, despite it being indicated on a CT scan one year earlier. Thankfully, after fierce advocacy, a deep review of her medical charts, and a second surgical opinion, she was able to get the correct treatment, a markedly less invasive procedure, and remain cancer-free for five years. This incident drove home the need for vigilant, compassionate care and the extreme importance of thorough and accurate medical assessments and communication. At CALM we are committed to delivering the same level of care and advocacy that I would want for my own family.  

CALM offers an expansive range of nursing services by experienced and compassionate nurses that you can trust and depend on to ensure each client receives the right care at the right time, whether it involves routine health monitoring or more intricate care management. We also understand the immense pressures caregivers face and are dedicated to lessening this burden, enabling families to spend quality time together without the overwhelming responsibilities of healthcare coordination. It’s about building trust, ensuring peace of mind, and adding a personal, caring touch to our services. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation and find out how CALM can bring a sense of ease, professionalism, and assurance to your healthcare experience.

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